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RECFAM (Research and Counseling Foundation for African Migrant) an NGO, has began a nationwide education campaign to combat irregular migration and human trafficking to and from Ghana as well as assisting voluntary returnees and vulnerable children towards socio-economic development of the country for the benefit of all.

The nationwide campaign was launched at Mamobi Kawokudi in Accra on 30th August, 2015 calling on youth to be mindful of irregular migration and say no to ‘connection men’ who claim they can help them travel to live a better life abroad but end up squandering their money and putting them at all kinds of risks. There was a film show to educate the youth on the dangers of using the Sahara Desert and other illegal means to travel to Libya. or even worse than before.

The programme is part of the organizational core mandate to promote safe migration and protect vulnerable children towards development as the death toll of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea has skyrocketed by August 2015 with more than 2,000 died trying to reach Europe according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The Executive Director of RECFAM Mr. MBINGLO Nsodu Alfred said, irregular migration exposes migrants to all kind of risks including exploitation, trafficking and even death. According to Mr. MBINGLO, thus, no country is unaffected either positively or negatively by migration. If conducted regularly and is well managed by the relevant authorities, it could serve as a tool for development and poverty reduction; a key human response to environmental, social, political and economic needs.

He further stressed that migrants should desist from any advertisement on jobs opportunity in any part of the Western countries because most of those advertising are traffickers and smugglers. He elaborate the fact that, many who travelled using such channels end up in the worst form of exploitations. According to Mr MBINGLO, there is the need for all stakeholders to join hands in the sensitization programme to combat irregular migration and human trafficking throughout the country as irregular migrants including Ghanaians are perishing on the sea and desert or end up as victims of trafficking, a form of modern slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. He said, this year alone the EU has recorded the highest death of irregular migrants dying on the sea in attempt to reach Europe. 

Patrick M. Osman who was ones an irregular migrant but now a regular migrant shared his story with the public after a documentary show on Ghanaians abroad and those travelling through the desert to Europe. He indicated that he has been through both processes and will not advice anyone to travel irregularly because it is a terrible experience. He further added that travelling illegally is more costly than going through the right process. He expressed his advice on the avoidance of irregular migration and encouraged regular migration. There was a film show to educate the youth on the dangers of using the Sahara Desert and other illegal means to travel to Libya as well as irregular migrants in Europe.

The audience were also draw to a transnational network programme being coordinate in Ghana by RECFAM known as West Africa Network for child protection and young migrants on the move (WAN); and called on all who come across any vulnerable child or family in the country especially foreigners that need assistance to contact RECFAM for reintegration in their country of origin.

RECFAM is willing to assist vulnerable children and provide the right information to migrants to become agents of change, support voluntary returnees and guide people through the right way to acquire the necessary document to travel regularly.

The youth of ‘Kawokudi’ were so impressed and asked few questions on acquiring a passport and visa regularly to travel. Some talked about the unemployment rate in Ghana being the main factor of irregular migration and others emphasize on the fact that a lot of ‘connection men’ have squandered their money but they have still not got the chance to travel.



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