• We conduct evidence-based quantitative and qualitative research that raises awareness of the motivating factors underpinning development, irregular migration, child abuse, human trafficking among others.  Based on the outcome of the findings, the organization develops pragmatic sustainable approaches to counter these social problems for accelerated socio-economic development.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial skills training and assist in local initiatives for economic empowerment as alternatives to gender inequality, education and irregular migration.
  • Community development and advocacy programs to combat gender inequality, irregular migration, women/children abuse, human trafficking among others and promote development.
  • Raise awareness and disseminate information on the dangers of irregular migration, human trafficking and promote safe migration, health among migrant groups as well as protect vulnerable children towards development.
  • Support distressed migrants (homecoming migrants) and repatriated or irregular migrants willing to return to their country of origin
  • Provide sustainable professional/skill reintegration programs to vulnerable children and migrants in need of such services without prejudice.
  • Offer counselling to migrants/returnees and case by case management services.
  • Create awareness campaign on rights, challenges, needs, facilitation methods and priorities available thus enabling migrants to make informed and rational migration decisions.
  • Offer family tracing, home study, family evaluation and psychotherapy services towards the reunification or reintegration of migrants or vulnerable children on case to case basics.
  • Follow up and monitor migrants and vulnerable children supported with or without reintegration projects to ensure the sustainability of their reintegration.
  • Formation of “Safe Migration Clubs” in targeted migration-prone communities to identify the opportunities within the communities, educate the youths on migration issues and encourages them to adapt to life in the changing climate than looking at migration or dubious ways as a solution.
  • Production of organic and bio-degradable Sanitary Pads known as PRIDE out of banana/plantain fibers for rural schoolgirls/women who lack access to proper menstrual hygiene products. Special attention is given to dispelling the stigmata around menstruation along with the provision of menstrual health education in schools and communities.  This is RECFAM social enterprise that fills a very important need for sanitary napkins for schoolgirls and women in impoverished communities in Ghana. Women are integrated in the whole value chain from raw material production to manufacturing and distribution. It is a transcendent philosophy that empowers women at every step in the process through job creation, leadership training, education and social entrepreneurship.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial skills training and assist in local initiatives for economic empowerment as alternatives to irregular migration.
  • Community development and advocacy programs to contribute to the efforts of the Governments to combat irregular migration and promote development.
  • Free consultation and advisory services on the following:
    1. Visa application
    2. Student travels
    3. Home-coming or potential migrants
    4. Voluntary return assistance to all groups of migrants,
    5. Health advising services
    6. Among others

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