What We Do


RECFAM conducts evidence-based quantitative and qualitative research that raises awareness on the motivating factors underpinning social problems in society, irregular migration, human exploitation, community development, human trafficking/smuggling, policy implementation, etcetera. Based on the outcome of the research, the organization develops sustainable pragmatic solutions (approaches) to counter these social problems and other human vulnerabilities by working in close collaboration with various stakeholders, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations to provide comprehensive permanent solutions for accelerated socio-economic development of the communities. Some of the findings are also publish for public consumption, policy makers, and further studies among others.

Create Awareness

RECFAM create awareness on the following areas:

AfriPride Sanitary Pad Production

AfriPride Sanitary Pads (formerly Pride Pad) are biodegradable, accessible, affordable, and quality sanitary pads for school girls and women in rural and peri-urban impoverished communities. It was integral to RECFAM in 2016 to fills a very important need for sanitary napkins to keep rural girls in rural areas in schools and further prevent them from some community members who goes to cities and buy the young girls sanitary pad in exchange for sex – resulting to teenage pregnancy, STDs, etc. among rural schoolgirls.

Locally manufactured banana and plantain fibre serve as raw materials. Education on menstrual health hygiene and awareness creation to destigmatize menstruation in schools and communities is also one of AfriPride Sanitary Pad’s parallel activities. Women are integrated in the whole value chain from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and distribution.

It is a transcendent philosophy of RECFAM that empowers women at every stage in the process through job creation, leadership training, education and social entrepreneurship. (Read more www.pridepadghana.org).


RECFAM collaborates with various stakeholders nationally and transnationally to ensure the safe and dignified sustainable return and reintegration of voluntarily returned migrants and trafficked/abused victims’ in a holistic way.

Diaspora & Expatriate Communities

RECFAM offers free Advisory Services on the above, and will also refer or connect you to the right institutions to address your concerns if necessary. Call & talk to us or send us an email! 

Entrepreneurship Development/Skills Training

Our entrepreneurship development/skills training programs in collaboration with TIEC (www.tiecollege.com) and other stakeholders train potential migrants, returnees, school dropouts, non-formal/informal business men/women, marginalized groups and some community members lettered or unlettered in the languages that they understand best to become leading entrepreneurs, change-makers, business industry holders, inventors, corporate partners and ecosystem players towards sustainable community development. RECFAM brings out the best in you to start asking questions to yourself; because questions open your mind, and statement closes your mind.

Empowering Women/Socially Marginalized Groups

RECFAM empowers women/socially marginalized groups with sustainable livelihood support programs, education and entrepreneurial skills training. The organization also promotes and protects the rights of women/socially marginalized, encourages their participation in democratic/electoral processes, and work with dedicated gender equality structures, serve on boards, and participate in decision-making to make their voices heard within their families and communities in any process that will ultimately affect them, and increases their livelihood.


RECFAM carry out public policy advocacy and adherence to local national and global orientedness that ensure migrants and vulnerable children access to protection and their human rights collaboratively. The organization also advocate for good governance, policies implementation women/ socially marginalized groups empowerment, community development as well as promotes equality, social justice, social inclusion and human rights, especially those who may face all forms of abuse including human trafficking, neglect and isolation – dubbed “equal rights for all” towards socio-economic development for the benefit of all.

Family Tracing/Reunification

We conduct family tracing, reunification and mentorship services on case-by-case basis. The family tracing includes home study, family assessment, pre/post counselling services, facilitation of family meeting and child welfare checks to ensure proper sustainable reintegration support for both migrants and abused children.

Counselling Services

Potential migrants, voluntary return migrants and abused children including victims of trafficking and their family members are offered pre/post counselling services and psychosocial counseling at their preferred medium that is comfortable for them; one-onone or face-to-face, visually, on phone, group, etc. RECFAM also collaborate with Ghana Health Service and other stakeholders to provide psychology (post-traumatic stress and thought disorder) to victims that require such services towards their return and reintegration

Protecting Vulnerable Children

The organisation promotes child rights, prevents neglect and protects the total welfare of the child from all forms of abuse including early forced marriage, negligent, trafficking, etc. RECFAM also conducts research and raises awareness on the dangers of all forms of child abuse, and carries out return, reunification and reintegration based on the child/victim ethnicity. The organisation ensures that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care, providing support for the child’s education/reintegration, and taking the necessary action for children to have the best outcomes in life.

Skill/Knowledge Transfer and Jobs Matching Platform

RECFAM’s skill/knowledge transfer and jobs matching platform creates opportunity for potential migrants and returnees seeking employment or jobs. The organization collaborate with some institutions and share identified opportunities within communities for potential migrants and returnees to tap into as an alternative to irregular migration or remigration.

Community Development Initiatives

RECFAM’s community development initiative creates income generating activities, identifies various opportunities available within target communities and ensures that the community members grab those opportunities to improve their living standards.

Artisan Market

Community development requires human ingenuity. RECFAM selects a range of artisan ranging from masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, mechanics, welders, tailors/seamstress, plasterers, tilers, jewellers, leatherworkers, graphic designers, painters, potters, sculptors, weavers, labourers among others for innovative training aim at formation of Artisan Market Associations (AMA). This makes the artisan skills available/relevant in labor market for easy access by community members, the district/municipal assembles and for anyone who need any of their services within their community, regional and national.

Community Safe Migration Clubs

RECFAM forms Community Safe Migration Clubs (CSMC) in communities to allow the community to own or take ownership of the implemented project for continuity and sustainability purpose. The members of SMC are returnees, potentials migrants, voluntary return migrants, victims of deportation/human trafficking, some community members, entrepreneurs, local business leaders and investors.

Case Management

The organization offers case management services for returnees and abused children including early forced marriage and trafficked using holistic approach to meet the individual's and family's needs assessment towards sustainable return and reintegration.

Gender Equality/Equity Promotion

RECFAM promotes gender equality in equity – dubbed “Men for Women” Network (MOWN). We are living in a patriarchal society and men are mostly still the custodians of tradition/culture that suppresses women. The organisation organized “men” and form MOWN to champion gender equality and gender equity promotion at community for a safer and healthier community, and for that matter the whole nation for the benefit of all.

Community Whistle-Blowers

RECFAM trains selected community members to be whistle-blowers and civilian peacekeepers to report all kinds of suspicious activities of trafficking, child/women abuse, event or any activity that seems unusual or out of place; and promote coexistence in target communities.

Visa/Migration Advisory Services

RECFAM offers migration advisory services on the following questions:

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Travel & Consultation Services

The organization offers free consultation and advisory services to the following groups:

We provide communication access to all migrants including potential migrants and transit migrants through the operation of a Hotline and Consultation Centre free of charge.

RECFAM also offers guidance and support for Visa for international students in Ghana.

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Trafficking/Smuggling Alert

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If you are passionate about what we do, RECFAM is offering you the opportunity/chance to give something back to the local community or make a difference to make a difference to someone's life.