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(Research & Counselling Foundation for African Migrants)

Safe Migration

Promoting safe migration & combating all forms of human exploitation in Africa.


Protecting vulnerable children, empowering women and all socially marginalized groups.

Actionable Training

Entrepreneurial skills training/innovative programs towards sustainable development.

Who We Are

Research and Counselling Foundation for African Migrants (RECFAM) is a Non-Governmental Organization (charity) established in Ghana in 2004, and officially registered and incorporated with Registrar General's Department and Department of Social Welfare with a mission to conduct research, promote safe, fair and dignified migration, combat human trafficking/smuggling, protect vulnerable children, empower women/socially marginalized groups, provide sustainable return and reintegration to voluntary returnees’/deportees/abused victims/ refugees, offer humanitarian support, entrepreneurship development/ skills training, counselling/psychosocial services; address environmental issues, create/develop community development projects, advocacy on gender equality, education, health and building generation of community change-makers towards sustainable development without prejudice.

Developing pragmatic solutions to address social problems and promote equality, offer humanitarian support, innovative entrepreneurship/ intrapreneurship, climate change and sustainable development whilst building the capacity of change makers for the next generation and harnessing community/social resources and migrants’ technical, financial, manpower, brain drain towards sustainable development.

Sustainable Interventions-

Artisan Markets

Community development requires human ingenuity. RECFAM selects a range of artisan ranging from masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders, mechanics, welders, tailors/seamstress, plasterers, tilers, jewelers, leatherworkers, graphic designers, painters, potters, sculptors, weavers, labourers among others for innovative training aim at formation of Artisan Market Associations (AMA). This makes the artisan skills available/relevant in labor market for easy access by community members, the district/municipal assembles and for anyone who need any of their services within their community, regional and national.

Meet the AfriPride Sanitary Pad Initiative, through which we endeavor to break the silence around the issue of Menstrual Hygiene, stigmatization and provide knowledge and guidance to all stakeholders, especially girls and women in rural areas.

Eco-inclusive Innovations-

AfriPride Sanitary Pads

AfriPride Sanitary Pads (formerly Pride Pad) are biodegradable, accessible, affordable, and quality sanitary pads for school girls and women in rural and peri-urban impoverished communities. It was integral to RECFAM in 2016 to fills a very important need for sanitary napkins to keep rural girls in rural areas in schools and further prevent them from some community members who goes to cities and buy the young girls sanitary pad in exchange for sex – resulting to teenage pregnancy, STDs, etc. among rural schoolgirls.

Promoting safe, fair and orderly migration, combating all forms of human exploitations, empowering children/women, offer entrepreneurial development/skills training programs, humanitarian support, environmental management and creating next generation of community change-makers towards sustainable development.

What We Do


RECFAM conducts evidence-based quantitative and qualitative research that raises awareness on the motivating factors underpinning social problems in society, irregular migration, human exploitation, child abused, fight climate change and forced migration, community development, health, education, inequality, policy implementation, etcetera.

AfriPride Sanitary Pad Production

Locally manufactured biodegradable AfriPride Sanitary Pads from banana and plantain fibre for rural schoolgirls/women. Education on menstrual health hygiene and awareness creation to destigmatize menstruation in schools and communities. Women are integrated in the whole value chain from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and distribution.

Create Awareness

RECFAM create awareness on the following areas: safe, orderly and dignified migration, irregular migration, human trafficking/smuggling, child/women abuse/protection, climate change and forced migration, education, gender equality, health protection, etc.

Health Promotion and Education

RECFAM provides support for public health interventions and project implementation. The organization engages and empower individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviors, and make changes that reduce the risk of developing communicable and non-communicable diseases and prevent transmission of transmitted diseases. Our Public Health Interventions we provide are: • Health promotion and education • Health awareness, counseling and screening • Linkage of community members to healthcare, etc

Climate Change

RECFAM’s combat/address environmental issues through education, sensitization campaign and environmental management programs, and promotion of climate change adaptation in communities. The organization also provides adaptive and resilient measures in target communities through innovative sustainable development and climate smart technologies.

Gender Equality/Equity Promotion

RECFAM promotes gender equality in equity– dubbed “Men for Women” Network (MOWN) in target communities. The organisation organized “men” and form MOWN to champion gender equality and gender equity promotion at community for a safer and healthier community, and for that matter the whole nation for the benefit of all.

Entrepreneurship Development/Skills Training

RECFAM in collaboration with some stakeholders offer innovative entrepreneurship development/skills training programs to potential migrants, returnees, school dropouts, non-formal/informal business men/women, marginalized groups and lettered/unlettered community members in the languages they understand best to enable them to become leading entrepreneurs, change-makers, business industry holders, inventors, corporate partners and ecosystem players towards sustainable community development.

Community Development Initiatives

RECFAM’s create/develop community development initiatives for income generating activities, sustainable livelihood program, identifies various opportunities available within target communities for sustainable development and ensures that the community members grab those opportunities to improve their living standards.

Media Stream

TRAILER Pride Sanitary Pads

TRAILER How RECFAM produces Biodegradable Sanitary Pads with PRIDE Sanitary Pads (now AfripPride Pad)

Progress Report on RECFAM’s Pride Sanitary Pads

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RECFAM Campaign Against Forced Marriages

RECFAM Campaign Against Forced Marriages in the Nkwanta North & South Districts of the Volta Region.

News & Events

Creative Synergy

RECFAM has launched creative synergy innovations with regional affiliated organizations in Nine (9) ECOWAS countries on the impact of COVID-19 on migration and mobility to identify and replicate best practical protection on migrants/refugees towards national/transnational development. The regional affiliated organizations are in Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, The Gambia and still counting.

Entrepreneurial Development/Skills Training

Our entrepreneurship development/skills training programs in collaboration with Tume Integrated Empowerment College (TIEC) mould you. Remember that your future is created by what you do today but not tomorrow. Money look for ideas, and not the other way round. Enroll now by visiting www.tiecollege.com.

RECFAM Produces Organic and Biodegradable Sanitary Pads – AfriPride Sanitary Pads

AfriPride Sanitary Pads (formerly Pride Pad) are biodegradable, accessible, affordable, and quality sanitary pads for school girls and women in rural and peri-urban impoverished communities. Women are empower at every stage in the process through job creation, leadership training, education and social entrepreneurship. (Read more www.pridepadghana.org).

Pride Sanitary Pads won SAG-SEED Award in 2017

RECFAM’s Pride Sanitary Pads won SAG-SEED Award in 2017 – an annual Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development scheme designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally led start-up eco-inclusive enterprises in countries with developing and emerging economies sponsored by European Union and supported by UNNDP and others. Click for more...

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