Women empowerment contribute to the health and productivity of the whole families and communities as well as play a central role in human flourishing. Education of girls presents a dynamic opportunity for female youth to build sustainable careers and livelihoods.

We need $20,000 to buy a machine that will enable us produce more sanitary pads to distribute it to girls in seven communities among the more than hundred communities where due to lack of menstrual products, stigmatization and cultural beliefs surrounding menstruation and menstrual education, these girls miss on average 5 days of school every month, some actually drop out of school which is a root cause of increased gender inequality, teenage pregnancy, child and early forced marriage, child trafficking among others in these communities. Women on the other hand limit their social life, temporarily stop working, and are not allowed into some houses of worship and public places during their times of menstruation or cook a particular food because there are consider unclean.

Our sanitary pads are made out of banana/plantain fiber. Your support will help integrate women in the whole value chain from raw materials production to manufacturing and distribution. Click here for more info

$15 USD per year will give a rural schoolgirl access to education as she builds sustainable careers and livelihoods. $30 per year will support 2 girls….. no amount is too small

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