Volunteers Needed

Help RECFAM to meet its objectives by donating or volunteering your services. Please, contact us if you are interested to help in any way possible to make a different in the life of vulnerable children, migrants, refugees, displaced persons, women, the poor in communities among others.

You can also support our livelihood developmental programs, e.g. production of organic and bio-degradable sanitary pads – PRIDE Pads – out of banana/plantain fibres for rural schoolgirls/women who lack access to proper menstrual hygiene products. A program that integrated women in the whole value chain from raw material production to manufacturing and distribution (www.pridepadghana.org).

Please send us an email at recfamgh@yahoo.com if you wish to support us in any way. Thank you.

RECFAM need your service and expertise to protect vulnerable children, promote safe migration/health, empower women and the marginalized groups for accelerated socio-economic development.

Please send us an email at recfamgh@yahoo.com if you wish to support us in any way.

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