Project Ongoing

Anesvad Project

Combating Yaws and Lymphatic Filariasis (Elephantiasis) through sustainable awareness-raising, economic empowerment, provision of clean drinking water and improved sanitation. Project supported by Anesvad. More about Anesvad on

Information and Awareness Campaign/Creation on:

  • Safe, fair and dignified migration
  • The dangers of Human trafficking/smuggling
  • Protection of vulnerable Children/women abuse
  • Fighting climate change and forced migration
  • Promotion of gender equality and education for all
  • Health prevention and health promotion


Family Tracing/Assessment

  • Conducting family tracing/assessment on vulnerable children identified
  • Offer pre/post counselling services, facilitation of family meeting and child welfare checks to ensure proper sustainable reintegration support on case-by-case basis include mentorship program/services.



RECFAM collaborates with various stakeholders nationally and transnationally to ensure the safe and dignified sustainable return and reintegration of voluntarily returned migrants, trafficked victims and abused children in a holistic way. RECFAM PROGRAM

Entrepreneurship Development/Skills Training Programme

Innovative entrepreneurship development/skills training programme in collaboration with Tume Integrated Empowerment College  ( and other stakeholders’ to potential migrants, returnees, school dropouts and non-formal/informal business men/women lettered/unlettered community members in the languages they understand best to enable them to become leading entrepreneurs, change-makers, business industry holders, inventors, corporate partners and ecosystem players towards sustainable community development. RECFAM PROGRAM

Green Stove for Clean Cooking Production

Uses a combination of special reusable stones for a period of up to 2 years and charcoal briquettes made from agricultural wastes.
➢ Powered by a PV/solar system
➢ Designed as a complete home solution for cooking, heating, lighting, charging mobile phones, play FM radio and MP3.
➢ Provides an alternative source of sustainable fuel for rural and urban households.
➢ Eco- friendly:
• cleaner source of cooking and heating fuel,
• reduced emissions of fine particulate matter, other pollutants and greenhouse gases into the environment.
• mitigates the negative effects of cooking with biomass.
• reduced deforestation and maintain carbon sinks.

Customize Stoves/Ovens on the Pipeline:

Solar Ovens
* Green double combined solar oven.

* Green double door solar oven.

* Green single combined oven.

Portable domestic stoves
* Green triple burner stove
* Green single burner stove.
* Green double burner stove