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Entrepreneurship Development/Skills Training Programme

We offer innovative entrepreneurship development/skills training programme in collaboration with Tume Integrated Empowerment College ( and other stakeholders’ to potential migrants, returnees, school dropouts and non-formal/informal business men/women lettered/unlettered community members in the languages they understand best to enable them to become leading entrepreneurs, change-makers, business industry holders, inventors, corporate partners and ecosystem players towards sustainable community development. RECFAM PROGRAM.

RECFAM Produces Organic and Biodegradable Sanitary Pads – AfriPride Sanitary Pads

AfriPride Sanitary Pads (formerly Pride Pad) are biodegradable, accessible, affordable, and quality sanitary pads for school girls and women in rural and peri-urban impoverished communities. Women are empower at every stage in the process through job creation, leadership training, education and social entrepreneurship. (Read more

Creative Synergy

RECFAM has launched creative synergy innovations with regional affiliated organizations in Nine (9) ECOWAS countries on the impact of COVID-19 on migration and mobility to identify and replicate best practical protection on migrants/refugees towards national/transnational development. In order to adequately respond to this problem, these efforts have been supported by network campaigns in partnership with The Marketing Heaven. The regional affiliated organizations are in Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, The Gambia and still counting.

RECFAM identified and rescued 84 girls from early forced marriage

A 15-year-old girl who was compelled to marry to pay for the cost of her father’s funeral has been rescued by RECFAM. Grace (not her real name) was rescued along with 83 other girls from child marriage in Kpassa at Oti Region.

Combating Human Vulnerability/ExploitationCombating Human Vulnerability/Exploitation

RECFAM is partnering with Network of African Organizations for Migration and Development (NAOMID) to create multi-level involvement of various actors at national and transnational level to builds synergies between the network and participating countries for sustainable solutions on irregular migration, human vulnerability/exploitation (

Pride Sanitary Pads won SAG-SEED Award in 2017

RECFAM’s Pride Sanitary Pads won SAG-SEED Award in 2017 – an annual Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development scheme designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally led start-up eco-inclusive enterprises in countries with developing and emerging economies sponsored by European Union and supported by UNNDP and others.

Over 170,000 Ghanaian girls forced into marriages before 18 years

RECFAM in partnership with the Canada and Ghana governments, and the Ghana Police Service, aimed at identifying victims, rescue and support them to regain their rights.

RECFAM and Ghana Immigration Services (GIS) sensitize Ghanaians on illegal migration

RECFAM in partnership with the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) educate and sensitize the public on the dangers of illegal migration.

RECFAM calls on youth to avoid irregular migration

A nationwide education campaign aimed at combating irregular migration and human trafficking has been launched in Accra with a call on the youth to be mindful of such migration. A statement signed by Mr Alfred Nsodu Mbinglo, Executive Director, Research and Counseling Foundation of African Migrant (RECFAM), called on the youth to look out for people who claim they have power to help them travel abroad.

Child & early forced marriages, a call for concern in Volta, Ghana

RECFAM has bemoaned the rising incidence of forced and child marriages in the country and called for closer collaboration between civil society organizations and the various public institutions to combat the menace.

31 trafficked children rescued and reintegrated with families and given educational scholarships by RECFAM

The Research and Counseling Foundation for African Migrants, (RECFAM), a non-governmental organization fighting child trafficking in the sub-region has given educational scholarships to 31 trafficked children from the Zabzugu and Tatale-Sanguli districts in the Northern Region.

RECFAM asked parents to seek welfare of their children

Mr Alfred Mbinglo, Director for Research and Counseling, RECFAM, noted that children as young as ten years had been pushed into early or forced marriages, depriving them of their rights to education and dignity. RECFAM appealed to parents to seek the welfare and security of children especially girls instead of forcing them into early marriages.

Media Stream

Comprehensive Report on AfripPride Pad

Comprehensive Report on Pride Sanitary Pad (now AfripPride Pad)

She trekked for 250KM to escape forced marriage.

From Bumpurugo to Tamale she trekked in escape of forced marriage; rescued and supported by RECFAM through school is now a graduate from Tamale polytechnic.

TRAILER on PRIDE Sanitary Pads

TRAILER on Biodegradable Sanitary Pads with PRIDE Sanitary Pads by AfricaX.

Progress Report on RECFAM’s Pride Sanitary Pads

Watch Progress Report on RECFAM’s Pride Sanitary Pads

7 girls rescued/reintegrated

7 girls - 4 from early forced marriage rescued/reintegrated & 3 child with child supported to learnt a trade.

RECFAM Campaign Against Forced Marriages

RECFAM Campaign Against Forced Marriages in the Nkwanta North & South Districts of the Volta Region.

Outdated cultural practices killing dreams

Her dream is to become a nurse, but at age 14, she is now in primary three due to outdated cultural practices.

Exchange marriages tops reported cases of child and early marriages

Exchange marriages tops reported cases of child and early marriages in the Nkwanta South and North districts of the Volta region.

Sanitary Pads for Girls in Ghana

PridePad: Sanitary Pads for Girls in Ghana

GBC News on NTDs Project Launched at Aowin by RECFAM

NTDs Project: RECFAM launches NTDs at Aowin

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